Wertvoll Snow

This is a monobreed cattery of British Shorthair cats,
specializing in the breeding of cats point colors.
Registered in the system WCF (RU – 0207).

British Shorthair

This is a true find for a person - they are cute, moderately curious and unobtrusive. They not only get along well with other animals, but also feel completely comfortable alone. The British are not aggressive, they are calm when visiting veterinarians and playing with children. Care of this cat is very simple: feed well, occasionally comb, caress at a convenient opportunity and, most importantly, love.

Your Champion

When you are well acquainted with the kitten, he will be devoted and loving, but only in exchange for your devotion and love.
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Pride of Cattery

The British have good health and excellent manners, which contributes to the continuation of the genus.

Expo Star

Intelligence and extraordinary beauty, coolness of cats and shyness at the cats deserve a lot of attention and admiration.
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Колорный окрас

Поинтовый (колорный) окрас является необычайным и удивительным.

Главная его отличительная особенность это практически полное отсутствие окраса на теле кошки и скопление его на так называемых пойнтах - мордочке, ушах, лапах, хвосте.

Историческое смешивание персидской и британской пород привело к уникальному окрасу британских котиков


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